Pictures of the Town of Rochester


For more photos of the town, visit the Executive Office of Environmental Affair's photo page

For historic photos of Rochester people and places, visit the Historical Society Photo Page


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aircommon.jpg (155546 bytes)

Town Common From the Air / Summer


common2.jpg (51416 bytes)

Town Common From the Air / Fall


firestation.jpg (19233 bytes)

Rochester Fire Station, Hartley Road


firestation2.jpg (47412 bytes)

Fire Station Building, North Rochester


firememorial.jpg (162569 bytes)

Firefighter's Memorial / Courtesy John LaFleur


hiller.jpg (28753 bytes)

Eastover Farm / Courtesy of the Boston Globe


farm2.jpg (10704 bytes)

Walk at Eastover Farm March 2003 / Courtesy of Standard-Times


police.jpg (15867 bytes)

Rochester Police & Communications Building, Dexter Lane


towncommon.jpg (118888 bytes)

Rochester Town Common


townhall.jpg (91885 bytes)

Rochester Town Hall (Print This Out for Coloring!)

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